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Forex Basics

Before you start trading forex, it’s important that you understand some of the basics.

What is Forex?

  • Forex is an abbreviation of the foreign exchange market.
  • You trade currencies like the US Dollar and speculate on the exchange rate between them.
  • You can participate in the forex market through various means including CFDs.

What is Leverage & Margin?

  • Leverage is where you borrow money in order to execute the trade.
  • Leverage is expressed as a ratio. If the leverage is 1:100, for every $1 you put down, the broker will lend you $100.
  • Margin refers to the amount of money needed in your account to maintain an open position.

What is a Lot?

  • A lot is a standardised quantity of the instrument you are trading.
  • ATFX offers a minimum volume of 0.01 lot, which is 1,000 units of a particular currency.

What are Pips?

  • Pip means Percentage in Point and it is the smallest price change that can be seen in an exchange rate.
  • Most currency pairs are priced to four decimal points (except JPY) and the smallest change can be seen in the last decimal.
  • For example, EUR/USD rising from 1.4022 to 1.4027 means euro increased by 5 pips.

Learn Forex Trading

  • Learn new trading skills
  • Understand forex market trends
  • Fundamental and technical analysis
  • Trend analysis and forecast
  • Never miss a trading opportunity

Trade With Our Award-winning MT4 Trading Platform

Gain access to our exclusive features:

  • Competitive spreads across all CFD products
  • Tailor indicators to your trading style
  • Top chart analysis tools
  • 30 different indicators
  • Automate trading with Expert Advisors (EAs)

Trading Central Provides Trading Strategies and Market Analysis Report

  • Daily coverage of CFD Instruments
  • Delivered multiple times a day
  • Signals with entry, take profit and stop levels

Autochartist Provides High-Probability Opportunities and Helps Predict Upcoming Trends with Accuracy and Speed

  • Trading opportunity alerts
  • Chart patterns provide potential price and time movements
  • Manage risk using volatility analysis

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Advantages of Trading with ATFX

Competitive Spreads

Take advantage of ATFX’s competitive spreads across all CFDs products.

Fund Safety Protected by Global Regulators

ATFX is fully licensed with 4 global industry regulators, your funds are well-protected and safe when trading with us.

Fast Execution Speed

Our clients enjoy the best possible trading experience and capitalise on every market opportunity with ultra-fast order execution and accurate order fills by ATFX.

Trade Anytime Anywhere

The multi-functionality of the MT4 app gives you the flexibility to trade from anywhere in the world and on your preferred devices.

Automated Trading with Expert Advisors (EAs)

Make the most of market opportunities without needing to personally monitor the markets constantly. Automate your trading strategies with MT4 EAs.

24/5 Localised Customer Support

We provide 24/5 local language support throughout the trading days.

Global Broker | Local Presence

We’ve extended our global footprint with offices across the world including Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

Payment Systems We Work With

We offer a variety of payment and withdrawal methods for your convenience. They have efficient and automated processes and are strictly audited to ensure your funds safety.

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